Monday, November 15, 2010

Is taking a false step a bad idea? ADDENDUM

I just wanted to add one very dramatic example of context dependence of false step that cost my country entering the finals in Basketball World Championship in Turkey 2010. Since the Championship was held in Turkey, officials were biased.

Anyway, starting from 5:22 in the video below, at the very end of this game Turkish player receives a ball close to the sideline and start dribbling toward the basket, but as he accelerated he did false step (plyo-step) and evidently stepped outside of bounds and committed foul (which was overseen by referees)

I bet officials did a lot of errors on Turkish side too and it is too late to bitch about it, thus I am not using this video to bitch for this loss of Serbian National Team, but rather describe the situation where the 'natural' occurrence of false step is clearly against the rules of the game. 

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