Sunday, February 20, 2011

Back to business...

I was quite busy lately and actually on training camp on Cyprus with FC RAD  (you can check some of the pics here), thus I was not able to post much (or at all). I have actually met great Roberto Sassi in Larnaca when we played against FC Dynamo from Moscow. He was tracking his players HRs using Polar system. Unfortunately, we were unable to chat for long although I think that would be time well spent.

I am in the process of reading 800+ pages of printed out research and watching excellent video lectures on Performance in Sports involving Intense Exercise, some of which are based on the articles I am just reading. Make sure to watch them!

We are entering in-season from tomorrow, since the first game is on Saturday. Expect some posts on in-season training and some thoughts on RSA along with general gibberish.

In the mean time I highly suggest checking David Tenney's article on soccer at

As for me, I am back to lifting although I have some small SI joint tweaks now and them which is the daemon that follows me all the time. I am using some of Lyle McDonald advices on this and I suggest taking a look at the forum thread and YouTube videos.  I also plan going back to martial arts (BJJ and boxing), but we will see with the time constraints.

And that's all with this "update". Going to lift

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