Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Books, books, books....

Couple of new things. After the publishing of my Book Recommendations for 8WeeksOut, Joel published the legendary Fundamentals of Sports Training by L. Matveyev in scanned pdf e-book form for FREE! This is a book that started it all. Make sure to download it.

Speaking of books and periodization, another amazing product by Ultimate Athlete Concepts:

This e-book is a compilation of questions and answers from Prof. Verkhoshansky's forum and I must admit it is written and compiled very well. A lot of concepts were cleared up and it is a must read. Even the Preface is worth the money because it clears a lot of confusions and explains the evolution of The Block Training System by late Yuri Verkhoshansky. The second edition of Special Strength Training: A Practical Manual for Coaches is about to be published very soon too and I can't hardly wait for it.

In the next couple of days you can also expect the special edition of my soccer series in a form of e-book for 8WeeksOut website. I will provide the link once it is available.

Also, you can expect the interview with Carl Valle and Vern Gambetta, sharing their thoughts on some very interesting topics.

Make sure to also check new article series by Lyle McDonald on Heart Rate Variability

Well readers, this is going to be pretty interesting Spring in terms of information. Let's get to work!

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