Friday, August 10, 2012

Strength in Motion - Seminar review

Just a quick heads up and short review of the Strength in Motion seminar by Joel Jamieson, Patrick Ward and Charlie Weingroff. 

I guess the title is not adequate, since this seminar deals very little with strength or strength training, but rather it covers advanced concepts of training individualization, monitoring, rehab and prehab strategies, HRV, work capacity, etc.  I haven’t seen that area covered in one seminar in this degree. 

The seminar starts with theoretical presentation, followed by practical presentation by Charlie Weingroff, each lasting around 50 minutes. Charlie is speaking „How to make a monster„ . Funny title, but serious talk mostly about his traing = rehab, rehab = training concept. Charlie is very knowledgeable coach and therapist and he covers a lot of different but inter-related topics, so I end up losing him couple of times. He goes into such details and that is amazing. Some of his concepts are very interesting when it comes to movement assessment (Charlie is big fan of FMS). So, anyone who is not convinced about the benefits of screening should take a look at this presentation. 

Patrick Ward presentation dealt with concept that he calls “Physiological Buffer Zone” (in my mind that is very similar to my definition of Work Capacity) and how to enhance it. This presentation was done in two parts each lasting around 50 minutes. I was really pleasantly surprised by Patrick, his knowledge and presentation. Long story short, Patrick talks about stress, autonomic nervous system,  over-reaching, over-training, HRV, inflammation, work capacity development,  monitoring and individualizing training. Sounds much, but Patrick created very easy to follow and understand presentation. 

Joel Jamieson presentation “Managing the training process” was very much in line with Patrick talk and it was basically a review of his HRV book. As usual, Joel presents very complex issues in concise manner and ready to use and apply, especially if you are the owner of the BioForce HRV. I haven’t seen such information anywhere before if we don’t take his HRV book into account of course.

Joel’s presentation “Building a performance model” is worth the price of the whole DVD. I wish I have seen it a year or two before. It gives you step by step instructions how to use Excel to create athlete profiles and performance models by using percentile scores (if you have a medium-large group of athletes) or ‘ideal athlete’ scores in testing battery.   By using “performance model” one is able to identify weak and strong points in physical preparedness of the athlete based on the sport demands which allows better individualization of the training needs/goals that need to be addressed. Along with HRV this gives a coach extremely useful tool in individualizing training goals and training workloads
In a summary, if you are interested into topics such as individualization of the training, monitoring, stress, corrective exercises this DVD is a must see! 

The Strength in motion will soon be available so keep your heads up for it.

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