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Player Profiles v1.0

Player Profiles v1.0

In November 2012 I have created this Excel workbook to manage testing data or any other statistic one would love to keep track of for individual athlete.  You can find more info in the following links:

The aim of this workbook is the following:
  •          To manage tests and statistics and provide context for the data (poor, average, excellent score)
  •          To manage player information
  •         To visualize the data using bullet graphs (which provide context for the scores), trend lines  (history of scores), compare players to other within the squat and to identify strong and weak aspects
  •          To create a one page report for each player
  •          To  create testing report

 Here is the screenshot and the screencast is at the end of the page 

Since I ceased to develop this product I will not be providing any  type of support beyond the screencast above. There are some things you need to keep in mind before using it:
  •         Always have a copy of the file with your data. Always
  •         When you refresh the database, make sure to close all other open workbooks in Excel (I am not sure what it report an error when other workbooks are open, but it works perfectly when it is the only one workbook open)
  •         If you change the test from more-is-better to less-is-better, you will need to adjust the bullet graphs manually and this involves setting up the x-axes (making them reverse) and changing the colors of the zones. This involves some knowledge of Excel though and trial and error.

Taking all these shortcomings into consideration I am still offering this workbook for intermediate Excel users since they might be able to modify it and maybe use some of the ideas to make their own templates.  Because I stopped the development of it and because I am not offering any support for it the price is  $25.  Also, to run it you would need to have Excel 2010 or later.

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