Thursday, December 26, 2013

30% off for all Complementary Training Products bough together

30% off for ALL Complementary Training Products bought together

With the recent  Athlete Monitoring v1.0 workbook addition to the products line I am pretty sure that I have rounded the most frequent and most important tasks and roles of strength and conditioning coaches and sport scientists (or more recent roles such as performance director and athletic director). 

Microsoft Excel is currently lingua franca for data collection and quick data analysis and visualization for strength and conditioning coaches and sport scientists. I have seen and experienced on my own skin a lot of frustration of the fellow colleagues in running and solving multiple tasks and roles using MS Excel.  So I decided to come up with the simple products that make these roles easier and more reliable. I am pretty sure I have succeeded and I will continue with the development based on the user feedback and my own implementations.

The following four products round up most common tasks and roles by strength and conditioning coaches and sport scientists (and more scientifically inclined skill coaches). They represent cheap and simple solutions in MS Excel, especially for the smaller clubs that cannot afford high-end solutions such as SMARTABASE, Edge10, etc. 

Annual Plan for Team Sports - As the name says, this is the annual planner for team sports that implement competition calendar, skill work, strength, power, speed, general and specific conditioning. The planner also features exercise classification that is already implemented in it, but very easy to modify and upgrade based on your own philosophy.  

Strength Card Builder - Keep the athletes' 1RMs, exercise and set & rep schemes databases and quickly create group and individual workout cards that are visually designed

Player Profiles - Represent simple athletes and testing database with a simple report page featuring bullet graphs for easier results comprehension.

Athlete Monitoring - Simple database and reporting tool for keeping track of athlete attendance, training sessions, competition results, monitoring data (such as sRPE, wellness, DJ-RSI, HRV, etc) and injury & illness data. Users are able to do quick data mining using Pivot Tables. 

Total cost for all four, if you buy them separately is $150, but if you get the all together you get 30% off or $105

NOTE: If you don't receive the file immediately upon payment, please be free to send me the email and I will forward it ASAP. 

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