Monday, January 13, 2014

Set and Rep Schemes in Strength Training (Part 1)

Set and Rep Schemes in Strength Training (Part 1)

Here is the latest article I wrote for EliteFTS. The article will be published in two parts. Part one deals more with terminology and something that I call 'intensity trinity'. I hope that this terminology will become standard in our field/industry.

It also explains traditional approach to exercise prescription, know as percent-based approach, along with novel velocity-based approach.

The article purpose is to explain load/exertion table, training process, the difference between "periodization" of training objectives versus training parameters aimed at achieving those objectives and common progressions and variations (set and rep schemes) utilized within training parameters. In my opinion writers tend to confuse those.

I hope that this article will clear up some terminology issues and provide very usable load/exertion table that can be utilized to explain various common progressions and variations on workout, week and block time-frames.

Enjoy the article and tell me what you think.

Click HERE to read the article at EliteFTS website.

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