Sunday, October 30, 2011

More on time-motion analysis

I have just received more good stuff from Miša Filipović (phyical preparation coach for FC Partizan) and I wanted to give heads up for my readers as well. For anyone that found The Revolution of the Measurement of Metabolic Power in Soccer interesting, there is the blog by the same authors at Metodologia dell'allenamento. Make sure to check the latest seminar and the following slides as well: 

pdf report of Prof Peter Henry Prampero Of Prampero
pdf report of Prof. Roberto Colli Colli

As always you can use Google Translate  to translate the documents and Google Chrome to translate web pages while surfing. 

I am looking forward to the new time-motion research based on power, acceleration besides velocity only. That should give us more information on the nature of the team sports.In the mean time check this free research paper by Randers, Mujika et al.

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