Friday, August 23, 2013

Optimizing groups for Small Sided Games (SSGs)

Optimizing groups for Small Sided Games (SSGs)

In the following video I will show you how to

  • Calculate normal scores for any test/statistic (percentiles & z-scores) and the difference between them
  • Calculate composite scores using weighting factors and normal scores
  • Use one great Excel tool – SOLVER to provide optimized solution for groups

The rationale behind this approach is that we want groups of players that are balanced in some way (we decide based on what parameters). In the video below I have used skill rating and MAS score, but you can easily expand that to include daily wellness or some fatigue score, or anything else you want.

The idea is that having a balanced groups might produce higher level of competition and on a same quality level. This might be interesting research project to see if balanced vs. unbalanced groups show different performance readings (GPS, iTRIMP, etc) and what option might be better for certain goals.

You can download the workbook HERE (I have updated it a bit compared to the one in the video)

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