About me

I am a physical preparation coach from Belgrade, Serbia.

I was involved in physical preparation of professional, amateur and recreational athletes of various ages in sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, martial arts and tennis.

I am also representative for Tudor Bompa Institute for Serbia and Croatia. 

You can reach me through my email:       

Interview done by Robbie Bourke for his blog All Things Strength
Interview done by Mat Herold for Empowered Athletes
Interview with me when I arrived to Hammarby (January, 2012)
Interview for Speed Endurance website
Interview with James Marshall
Interview with Chris Thomas
Interview for CATAPULT GPS Company

Published Research Papers
  1. Orendurff MS, Walker JD, Jovanovic M, Tulchin KL, Levy M and Hoffmann DK. Intensity and duration of intermittent exercise and recovery during a soccer match. J Strength Cond Res 24(x): 000-000, 2010.
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