The Most Popular

Based on the traffic and my own opinion these are the most popular posts and articles. 

Planning and programming of training in sport games. Although the name suggests otherwise, this article is about structural analysis of sport games. It provides foundational knowledge for the strength and conditioning coaches and skill coaches dealing with sport games in general.  

Planning the Strength Training. Part 1. This article series deals with planning and programming of the strength training both for strength and non-strength athletes based on their level of advancement. It also touches training periodization and training principles. One of my articles I am most proud of and which I refer occasionally when I start to get ’lost in the trenches’.

What the heck is Periodization anyway? Article that is originally written for Mike Tuchscherer’s Reactive Training Systems website. I tried to describe the process of planning and programming and cover couple of models and kill some myths and confusions that are very frequent in the trenches.  

The function of muscles in the human body. Article originally written on Serbian language and based on the work of Frans Bosch and Ronald Klomp. It deals with classification of the muscles based one their function in human movement. 

Usage of subjective indicators in monitoring and programming of training. Article originally written for Soccer Specific website that deals with some basic principles of training, training effects and their control and monitoring based on subjective indicators. 

Motorička analiza odbojkaške igre. Although on Serbian language, this article got really good amount of hits. It deals with structural, functional and time-motion analysis of volleyball game and positions. 

Periodization Confusion? One of the most read articles that deals with the confusing periodization models and provides simple and practical solution to their classifications. 

Analysis of Reactive Training System. Written as an example for Periodization Confusion article, it deals with analysis of Mike Tuchscherer’s Reactive Training System. 

8-weeks soccer pre-season plan - Part 1. The most read article I have ever wrote. If you are interested in soccer this is what you should read. There is an e-book version in Documents tab written for 8WeeksOut website. 

Problems of the periodization of training in mixed sports. Part 1. Article that followed 8-weeks soccer pre-season plan and it deals with problems of periodization in mixed sports and provides some of the solutions based on critical thinking analysis and some research articles. 

Substance~Form of Training Process. This article represents my long journey to demystify the abilities~skills, training~practice dichotomy and it deals with problem of specificity in training and GPP~SPP classification. This article is based on the work of late Yuri Verkhoshansky and Natalia Verkhoshansky. 

Troubles with RSA. Written as research review but is also includes some of my ideas on the RSA, RST and RSS. If you don’t know what these mean click on the link and check to comments as well.

RSA is overrated. Continued discussion on RSA/RST/RSS along with a lot of more ideas on the research flaws and it's implementation to training.

Heads Up: The best recent article on... Don't know why, but readers love this post. I am discussing fatigue and some implementation to training. 

How to make a readiness monitoring using simple wellness questionnaire.  A screen cast series with free download Excel sheet and collecting form for using wellness questionnaire to monitor training readiness and prevent over-training.

Running-based conditioning for team sports. My take on general-specific discussion, taking running-based conditioning as an example.  

IE20-10 Beep test. Blog post about rationale and making of my beep test.

6 weeks running program for off-season in soccer. Running program based on MAS (Maximal Aerobic Speed). 

Does Speed Work Work? This is 2 parts series on the usage of speed work in strength training as a response to Mike Tuchscherer's article.