Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday rant...

I like 'Physical Preparation Specialist/Coach' better than 'Strength and Conditioning Coach' since it is more general/broader definition compared to the latter which rings a bell in my mind of a guy who makes people go to the gym and do 300 yard shuttles until puking.

Physical Preparation is fundamental part of the athlete preparation on which all other preparation types build up (technical prep, tactical/decision making, strategy, mental/psychological, theoretical, etc) and it integral and un-separable part of overall preparations. Title 'Strength and Conditioning Coach' kinda puts a separation line between physical preparation and other forms of preparation, which is IMO wrong.

Training pyramid by Tudor Bompa

If you work outside of a club/college in your personal/private facility, then S&C coach might be decent name, but if you are involved in team/club settings, you are, or at least you should be more involved into other preparations and not only to making people lift weights and puke on field.

Fitness specialist coach is another title I don't like. What is fitness anyway? Aerobic capacity/power? Who knows and it reminds me on two things: pink dumbells and lab coating.

Performance Enhancement coach is recently developed. Isn't every coach Performance Enhancer? And it sounds so damn megalomaniac.

Please make no mistake, I am not saying that the title changes anything in your expertise.

My Five out of Five stars goes to Physical Preparation Coach or Specialist.


  1. Got a better title to replace "fitness/personal trainer?"

    Not a big fan of it.

  2. Good post Mladen.

    I've been reading your work, good stuff. Thanks.

    Aaron Schwenzfeier