Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dan Baker's Recent trends in high-intensity aerobic training

I just wanted to give you heads up for this GREAT article by Dan Baker. Dan sent me the draft copy of this article couple of months ago and it was very influential on me and arrived just at the right time when I was writing Problems of the periodization of training in mixed sports. I also refer to it pretty often. I want to thank Dan for sharing his insights, thoughts, ideas and programs. Make sure to print this one out, read it and re-read it couple of times. Enjoy!

Recent trends in high-intensity aerobic training


  1. Thanks for that Mladen.
    All the best in 2012!

  2. I agree this is a fantastic article and I also often refer to it. I've found that for the aerobic grids method, maintaining the 70% vVO2 pace during the short side is essential to keep the intensity high. Otherwise players can go forever. This study seems to support that, showing 15:15 at 100%/50% vVO2 isn't enough intensity to break 90% VO2 threshold. Maybe longer duration intervals are the way to go if practical?

  3. Thanks for the link Alex. In this pre-season we basically did:
    4min @85% MAS and 2min off x 5-6x
    15sec @120% MAS and 45sec off x 10 x 3
    30sec @100% MAS and off 30sec

    I can bet that having an 60-70% MAS in the rest increase the overall load, but unfortunatelly this year we haven't used that form.

  4. Thanks for the article. Just did a 1500m test with the women's soccer team I coach and am working on a 120% MAS routine for them (probably Charlie's Short, Med, Long circuits modified slightly). Funny how soccer people respond to 120% MAS so much more than 60% of top sprint speed (essentially the same thing). Call it slower sprint work and they're not happy. Call it supra-maximal aerobic work and they're ecstatic! :)

  5. Herb,

    Glad you found info useful. I usually use 120-130(+)% for tempo workout, like 15/45, but even better way to prescribe would include ANR (Anaerobic Reserve).

    ANR = Vmax - MAS.

    For example, if Vmax (you can calculate it as the best 10m split in 40-60m) is 30km/h and MAS is 16km/h, then ANR is 14km/h.

    In this case prescribing intervals might be MAS + 40%ANR. I haven't use this method so I cannot comment of certain percentages.

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