Monday, July 30, 2012

Great read/watch: Dan Pfaff and Brian McCormick

I recently saw the seminar videos by Dan Pfaff mentioned at Brian McCormick blog (if you are a basketball coach, or any other coach Brian’s blog is a must read/follow). Although I was familiar with Dan Pfaff before through some free available PDFs online, I never saw him lecturing. That was a damn mistake.

Although T&F coach, Dan goes into a lot of problems/phenomena when training power athletes, with some team sport mentioning. The most interesting concepts he covers is the distinction between (event) endurance and work capacity with some examples from team sports (you can check Brian’s blog for more info on this). Also, one VERY interesting thing I tried to conceptualize for a long time Dan very neatly explains by using what he calls chronic load syndrome and acute relieving syndrome and how they influence 4 phases of adaptation/motor learning:  stimulate, adapt, stabilize, and actualize. This is very clear example that human body is complex system and it doesn’t behave in linear/mechanical way we would expect to behave (as explained with some great examples of Olympic champions by Dan).

I highly suggest checking the videos and then proceeding to Brian’s blog. Here are all the parts.








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