Wednesday, December 5, 2012

F.A.Q. on Team Workouts design and some „news“

I have received couple of emails asking me about percentages on assistance lifts based on core lifts (i.e. split squat 1RM is around 50% of back squat 1RM). I decided to post the answer on my blog instead of responding to each email separately (and you will soon read why).

The answer is: I have used Dan Baker table as a starting point. You can find this table HERE.

If you are interested in calculating 1RMs from reps to (technical) failure, you can refer to another Dan Baker table HERE. Or, if you have access to LPT like GymAware, you can use load-velocity relationship to estimate 1RMs by checking my small experiment HERE.  

Dan Baker tables are really useful and I refer to them pretty often. I tend to have within my reach all the time, along with Joe Kenn’s The Coach’s Strength Training Playbook which I use to implement percent based programs (with some modification). Another great resource in that regard is, you guess it correctly, by Dan Baker:

Baker, D. “Cycle-length variants in periodized strength/power training.”  Strength and Conditioning Journal, 29(4)10-17. 2007.

One note – although I love percent based programs because the way they influence behavior of the players (or me, when I train) by reducing the wiggle roomthat same wiggle room might be sometimes needed due individual differences (someone’s 1RM in split squat might be 50% of his 1RM back squat, but someone might have 45-65%, depending on built, experience with split squatting, overall strength levels, etc). Anyway, they (tables by Baker and percent based programs by Kenn) provide a great starting point. And it is always better to under-estimate than to over-estimate, especially when it comes to assistance lifts.

I've discussed some of the ways to blend percent based programs with auto-regulatory programs HERE.

Also, I have been asked about a good book recommendation when it comes to learning Excel. This one I found a MUST read:

 Now some (unrelated) news….

I decided to switch to Mac.  I am getting Mac Book Pro 13’’ Retina pretty soon and I am leaving my HP Pavilion DV-7 that served me so well since 2009 to my mom.

So I decided to re-install Windows so she can have “clean” comp. I tried Windows 8 for couple of hours – and damn – I am lucky for switching to Mac. It is totally weird and un-intuitive system.  So I removed it and re-installed Windows 7.

In the process of backing things up and re-installing key software packages I managed to format my external hard drive with ALL the back-ups (luckily I had work related documents on DropBox), pictures, college stuff, writings, books, movies, music  – EVERYTHING. Yet, I somehow managed to recover most if not all by using un-format tools. It took me 3 days though. 

That’s one of the reason I haven’t been responding to emails. My Outlook is now up and running. I will probably stay a little *quiet* during December while I am moving to Mac for the first time, along with having a year break. The pre-season starts on 15th January 2013 and I will try to get some Sun since Stockholm is already pretty dark.

 I will definitely give my best to avoid reading or writing anything related to training to give my head a break. If you have some fiction novel recommendations please be free to post it. In the mean time I plan checking book by Jules Evans on philosophy for life.

I wish you all great Holidays and learn on my mistakes – always have DOUBLE back-ups.

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