Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Athlete Monitoring 1.0

Athlete Monitoring 1.0

This is the MS Excel 2010+ (Windows) workbook designed for data collection and quick analysis and visualization using Pivot Table. The workbook is already set up for quick start-up with data collection such as athlete attendance, sRPE, Wellness, Injuries and Illness details and lot more. In the video at the bottom of the page you can see all the features and how-to of Athlete Monitoring 1.0.

This workbook is designed for small staff usage and sharing. High-end statistical analysis and data mining is possible by exporting the data to R or SPSS software, while the simple (visual) analysis is possible using Pivot Table and Chart.

To use this workbook successfully, users should have basic knowledge of how Pivot Table works and it would be highly recommended for the users to have at least some background in maintaining simple training database themselves.

For further customizations please contact me on my mail. 

The price for this workbook is $35

NOTE: If you don't receive the file immediately upon payment, please be free to send me the email and I will forward it ASAP. 

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