Thursday, December 19, 2013

Strength Card Builder 2.0

Strength Card Builder 2.0

This is the new and updated version of Strength Card Builder with two new templates designed with the influence from Joe Kenn's Tier System workout cards.

The 3x5 Workout Card

Group workout card [LINK] (Produced on Mac)
Tier 3x5 (3 workouts, 5 exercises) [LINK]
Tier 4x5 (4 workouts, 5 exercises) [LINK]

This Excel workbook (both MAC and Windows) allows you to set up your athletes list, their 1RMs in key exercises, set up all other exercises and their relationships with 1RMs, up to 55 set & rep schemes that could easily be used by simple clicking. This way it takes matter of minutes to set up group or individual workouts using your predefined athletes, exercises and set & rep schemes. This is the SIMPLEST way to implement percent based approach to strength training (and it could be modified to be used with RPE approach, velocity based, etc). 

In the video below you can see all the features of this workbook. The video is made with the old version of the file, but all the workflow is the same with the new version PLUS two new beautiful individual templates that are ready to be used with your athletes with minimal set up.

For additional features and customizations please contact me on my mail.

The price for this workbook is $45

NOTE: If you don't receive file IMMEDIATELY after purchase please send me the email and I will send you the copy ASAP.

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